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Plan B One-Step - how long do the side effects last after taking the pill?

Posted 22 Oct 2013 18 answers

I took the pill two days ago and I'm experinsing nausea vomiting abdominal pain dizziness and its knocking me on my butt. I can barely walk with the pain and dizziness. and can barely stand to eat with puking and nausea.

I took i-pill within 21 hours after unprotected sex. had my periods 13 days late. am I pregnant?

Posted 8 May 2014 1 answer

I had unprotected sex and took i-pill after 20 hours. I had slight abdominal pain for few days after taking the pill, also gained weight, my nipples became tender and i got my periods after 13 days. Am i pregnant? I'm scared if I'll be pregnant. Is there a chance for pregnancy?

Help me I have real bad stomach/abdominal pain!?

Posted 10 Nov 2010 5 answers

Okay me friends i feel safe and will tell you what happened. I woke up about 3:00 with the worst pain i ever felt in my stomach area it feels really sore and hurts every time i walk. The doctors said i'm backed up but it really doesn't feel like thats whats wrong cause ive never felt pain ...

I keep having shortness of breath and abdominal pain.Could I have an ulcer?

Posted 19 Jul 2013 4 answers

Does anyone know why or what I have.I keep having trouble breathing and I thought I might just be sick but it's been almost a whole week now and I still have trouble breathing long deep breaths.I am also 289lbs pounds and have high blood pressure but have never EVER had trouble breathing.I ...

Magnesium Citrate - Could some still be lodged?

Posted 28 Mar 2015 1 answer

I ended up in the er yesterday due to abdominal pain and turns out im extremely constipated. xrays showed that intestines almost full and was told to drink magnesium citrate. I was told to drink 1/3 bottle at a time. After first dose had bad cramping and some diarrhea (some form to it still). After ...

Will I have withrawal symptoms if I stop taking butrans after starting it 10 days earlier?

Posted 30 Jun 2013 6 answers

I've been prescribed butrans and I am on my second patch, about 10 days. I don't feel that butrans is right for me, as it gives me abdominal pain and headaches and sometimes feeling like I'm "spacing out". I'm worried that taking my patch off will cause me to suffer ...

Xarelto - anyone experienced severe stomach cramping, what minimized this?

Posted 5 Dec 2013 5 answers

I have been on Xarelto for 15 days. I have experienced continual severe cramping and abdominal pain. Has anyone had this same experience or found a cure for this reaction? Any methods to minimize the abdominal discomfort?

How can I prevent stomach upset and upper abdominal pain after taking 20 mg.of Cialis occassionally?

Posted 23 Oct 2014 3 answers

I take 20 mg Cialis once or twice a month to counteract the sexual effects of avodart taken once a month. However, the last 3 times after cialis ,I've experienced stomack upset and pain that was severe [one instance] and lasted 2 weeks after the last dose.

Plan B-lower left sharp pain abdominal pain 6 hours after taking it?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 1 answer

How concerned should I be? My husband and I had a mishap with a condom last night and I took a plan b about 12 hours later. I have felt fine all day except for some anger, I'm on Prednisone and other meds due to a MS diagnosis, and anxiety. I have a history of ovarian cysts but also ...

Zoloft and abdominal pains?

Posted 30 Oct 2013 2 answers

I been on zoloft for a few days and last night got a severe upper stomach ache which lasted about 5 minutes but today my stomach is still hurting and have heartburn. I only ate pasta and chicken. Does anyone else have these side effects and do they get better? Stomach pain is intense and also have ...

Finished a 10 days for Rifaximin for SIBO and know a week after treatment I am really constipated?

Posted 12 Mar 2014 3 answers

I have been struggling with abdominal pain for several years. Sometimes I would have bad bouts of severe constipation. My abdominal pain is always present, sometimes worse than others. I was hospitalized a year ago for a week. Couldn't keep any food down and was severely constipated with lots ...

Plan B - My gf is having abdominal pain 3 weeks after taking the pill is this normal?

Posted 23 Jun 2014 1 answer

she took the pill 3 weeks ago around the 3rd and had 2 day bleeding a week after. Her usual period comes in in the middle of the month. she has not had any side effects or bleeding after the first week and is now having bad abdominal pain and nausea on the 23rd, 3 weeks after.

Left sided pain while tapering prednisone?

Posted 21 Dec 2012 3 answers

..Did anyone get left sided abdominal pain while trying to wean down off the Prednisone? I lowered from 40mg to 30 mg yesterday and have this intermittent ache-

Are seizures common after taking Percocet?

Posted 25 Apr 2013 3 answers

I was in the ER and was given Percocet for abdominal pain. I reported the nurse that I was on an empty stomach. Ten minutes after taking I felt nausea and vomiting. Shortly after I passed out. My boyfriend who was with me said that I had a seizure. The nurse said it was a side effect to taking ...

What nsaids can I take with wellbutrin?

Posted 27 Aug 2013 3 answers

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