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Plan B One-Step - how long do the side effects last after taking the pill?

I took the pill two days ago and I'm experinsing nausea vomiting abdominal pain dizziness and its knocking me on my butt. I can barely walk with the pain and dizziness. and can barely stand to eat with puking and nausea.

Venlafaxine - muscle and joint aches on 37.5 Effexor ER (venlafaxine)?

I started this medicines 4 months ago for on/off anxiety. Since then I’ve had terrible muscle and joint aches in my shoulders and arms. Plus I’ve had lower abdominal pain continuously. Been thru a battery of tests with normal results. My aching and pain is real! They say it isn’t... read more

Xarelto - anyone experienced severe stomach cramping, what minimized this?

I have been on Xarelto for 15 days. I have experienced continual severe cramping and abdominal pain. Has anyone had this same experience or found a cure for this reaction? Any methods to minimize the abdominal discomfort?

Length of menstration after One Day Pill?

I’ve taken the One Day pill. I’m 44. First time to take it and I’m also on birth control pill. Was only 3 days into my birth control when I did the deed so drank the One day pill as extra precaution. Got my period on time however very heavy flow, fatigue, abdominal pains and now... read more

Left sided pain while tapering prednisone?

..Did anyone get left sided abdominal pain while trying to wean down off the Prednisone? I lowered from 40mg to 30 mg yesterday and have this intermittent ache-

What nsaids can I take with wellbutrin?

How can I prevent stomach upset and upper abdominal pain after taking 20 mg.of Cialis occassionally?

I take 20 mg Cialis once or twice a month to counteract the sexual effects of avodart taken once a month. However, the last 3 times after cialis ,I've experienced stomack upset and pain that was severe [one instance] and lasted 2 weeks after the last dose.

Zoloft and abdominal pains?

I been on zoloft for a few days and last night got a severe upper stomach ache which lasted about 5 minutes but today my stomach is still hurting and have heartburn. I only ate pasta and chicken. Does anyone else have these side effects and do they get better? Stomach pain is intense and also have... read more

My blood pressure is 99/44, isn't it too low!?

I'm dizzy, headache, bp gets as low as 34, disoriented, abdominal pain, and feel lethargic (Zero appetite and Zero Energy

How long will bloating from Doxycycline last?

Hi everyone. Near the end of September, I started a 14 day course of Doxycyclin (the specific brand name was Cyclidox). 100mg twice a day, with lots of water, an hour before meals, as instructed. During the course I experienced severe bloating, trapped gas, abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, and... read more

Meloxicam - Can Mobic cause abdominal distention and rapid weight gain after a few days?

I am taking Mobic 15mg for the past 5 days and yesterday my stomach became distended along with upper abdominal pain. I feel like I'm 4 months pregnant. Can Mobic cause this?

Hi, I took plan b one step about 20 minutes after learning that the condom that we were using broke?

It has been about 2 days now and I have only had very mild headaches and lower abdominal pain, but those have since last night stopped. This morning however i learned that I am having a long, clear, sticky discharge, along with having to pee all of the time and period like cramps. I called the plan... read more

Zoloft (Sertraline) Stomach Pain?

I have terrible abdominal pain. Burning and cramping in the upper right quadrant. I read that Zoloft causes stomach pain. Anyone else suffer this. I'm going to quit today. I can't handle the pain. Been to ER and urgent care. Everything seems to be ok. Hurts so bad that I just want to die.... read more

Plan B-lower left sharp pain abdominal pain 6 hours after taking it?

How concerned should I be? My husband and I had a mishap with a condom last night and I took a plan b about 12 hours later. I have felt fine all day except for some anger, I'm on Prednisone and other meds due to a MS diagnosis, and anxiety. I have a history of ovarian cysts but also... read more

Ozempic - I started having diarrhea and abdominal pain 2 days after my first 0.25 mg dose.

The diarrhea has worsened over the last few days. I am due my second dose of 0.25 mg tomorrow. Anyone know of anything I can do to try to lessen this side effect, like a different injection site or time of day? Any suggestions would be appreciated

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