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What nsaids can I take with wellbutrin?

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mno65 22 May 2018

I have advice, if not an actual answer, based on my experience. I have been taking high doses of NSAID (naproxen followed by Diclofenac) for the last 8 years for osteoarthritis. I also take Bupropion(Wellbutrin) ER150mg once per day for mild depression. A recent colonoscopy discovered a couple ulcers and a stricture in my proximal ascending colon. I am a 65 yr old male with a history of alcohol abuse (8 years sober). A known side effect of bupropion is constipation caused by a decrease in peristalsis. It makes sense to me that the slower the transit time the better the chance of NSAID induced lesions. I would still have developed colonic lesions eventually but maybe it happened earlier due to the Wellbutrin.

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4N Substances 28 Aug 2013

WoW, as usual our brilliant WCV is quick on the trigger with factual information. Nice to meet you Ellen.
4N Substances

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WildcatVet 28 Aug 2013

Awwww, 4N! What a lovely comment. Thank you!

WildcatVet 27 Aug 2013

Hey, Ellen! No interactions are shown for Wellbutrin, Motrin, Voltaren and so on. Some animal studies do suggest that NSAIDs may decrease the effectiveness of SSRIs (a different class of anti-depressants ~ Wellbutrin is classed as an atypical). If you're taking high doses or using NSAIDs frequently though, you should talk with your doctor or pharmacist.
Cheers! WCV

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