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How much sugar can you ingest while taking metformin before the abdominal side effects kick in?

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kaismama 2 Oct 2013

If you are diabetic, the goal isn't to see how much sugar you can get away with, its to get your blood sugar down. You need to recheck your attitude.

egriesemer 2 Oct 2013

First of all, I'm new taking this medication. My doc called and said my blood sugars were off and I needed to take this. I'm not sure what my levels are. I am trying to eat correctly but have been having horrible side effects. I am using a tracking device on my phone to help count calories, ect.. but I am trying to get a guide for sugars so I can avoid getting sick. I came to the website for HELPFUL answers, not attitude. You should encourage, not discourage.

kaismama 2 Oct 2013

It has stomach side effects, and your blood sugar was high or he wouldn't have ordered anything.

DzooBaby 2 Oct 2013

You want to try to keep your blood sugars as close to around oh 98 to 100 to 105, and below 150, as you can. There is not a certain level of sugar you consume then the pill kicks in-it doesnt work this way. It will lower your sugar even if you dont eat anything so this is why diet is important and why you take it 30 minutes before you eat. If you dont eat, it can push you down into hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) on to coma and death. You should always keep a source of sugar on your person at all times. You can get glucose tablets or you can use hard candy (like Lifesavers etc) Everything you eat is broken down by the body into glucose and the body uses the glucose for fuel. It is just like putting gas in your car. Too much gas and it will spill over, and by running out of gas, it stops working. If you can, call your insurance company and see if they cover diabetes classes. I encourage you and your significant other to attend these classes so you can learn how to eat.

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DzooBaby 2 Oct 2013

Did your Dr give you a glucometer to check your blood glucose levels? In the beginning, you will want to be aware of what you are eating and your blood sugar levels. If it is easier for you, make a food diary of what you ate, how much, what time and how did you feel and what was your blood sugar/blood glucose? Soon, you will "guesstimate" what level your glucose is by how you feel and you will begin to know what foods make your sugars spike and the ones that make you feel crappy.

egriesemer 3 Oct 2013

Thank you so much for the information. Very helpful. Have a plan to start tomm. Fingers crossed :)

blue31579 16 Sep 2016

Well I have type 2 diabetics and I'm taking metformin and there isn't nothing wrong with the drug it works for me good. Good luck to all.

April Rockefeller 9 Nov 2018

I feel the same, my doctor put me on metformin, becausey sugar is a little high, but you can't expect people to stay away from sugar all together especially for just start. Yes I would like to know how much sugar I can have? free discount card

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