I'm a 74 year old man who had a slipped epiphysis of both hips in 1950. The left hip required a cup arthroplasty. Since then I have had three hip replacements on the left side. I used aspirin in fairly high quantities to control pain from 1950 until about 8 years ago when an ulcer was discovered which was treated successfully. I stopped using aspirin, but, not realizing that ibuprofen was similar to aspirin in causing inflammation, I started to use ibuprofen to control arthritic pain. Recently, because of arthritis in my lower back, I had a laminectomy resulting in extreme pain and, in order to get off percoset, started taking the maximum dose of 2400 mg of ibuprofen daily. It worked quite well. I had a blood test for another condition and discovered I was anemic. In order to find the reason for the anemia I had a colonoscopy and gastroendoscopy which uncovered another upper GI ulcer and some inflammation. I didn't make the connection between the anemia and large doses of ibuprofen immediately. As soon as I realized the anemia might be the result of the ibuprofen I stopped taking it. Since then I have had considerably more arthritic pain which hampers my activities. I have tried acetameniphin but it helps the pain very little if at all. Is there a substitute for aspirin and ibuprofen which doesn't cause inflammation of the stomach that would control arthritic pain?