I was prescribed 20mg of Cymbalta for depression and anxiety and I have been taking it now for 3 weeks. It has definitely helped with both of those but it has a very bad side effect that I'm not ok with at all! I am 28 years old and I have completely lost my ability to have an orgasm. This is not something that was ever an issue before the medication. Only after. So I've decided to come off of it. My question is, after being on it for only 3 weeks..should I consult my doctor first? Is 3 weeks long enough to have withdrawals? I have an appointment in a week. At my age I would rather find a medication that won't hinder my ability to achieve an orgasm. It's depressing not being able to be fully intimate with my husband. I would much rather be depressed and have a happy sex life than to be happy and no orgasms!