2 weeks ago doctor started me on mirtazapine 15mg at night for sleep, AND to help taper me off ativan. The last few days as I suppose its built up in my system, I started getting agitated and anxious. I realize it could be withdrawal feelings from the ativan, but something felt not good. Spoke with a doctor, and said to taper off the mirtazapine for the next few days by cutting pill in half. Did that, and now I am feeling worse in the day. Groggier, and shaky, and even panicky. Well, my husband thinks I was actually perhaps doing better while taking the mirtazapine, aside the symptoms I was feeling. Going to give it a continued try to get off the stuff, but if I feel I'm not doing well, is it generally safe to start it up again? Can I just start right back at 15mg if needed? I wasn't sure if that was a safe procedure, and the doc is gone for the weekend. Thanks for any advice you may have.