I am having major stomach problems!! my stomach constantly feels full, but not full of food it just feels hard and full, and when i eat i feel way to full, i can't breathe properly when lying down due to this. The breathing doesn't feel really like shortness of breathe but more I have to force myself to breathe instead of doing it automatically, and i can't take full breathes because my stomach is so full. When i use the washroom I take very small poops and always still feel full after I am using the washroom 5-10 times a day and a lot of times they are false alarms. A few months ago I got extremely ill This April i bevel The symptoms started as the worst sore throat i have ever had in my life then went to my chest/lungs feeling full of liquid extreme wheezing, to a non painful infection in my right ear, then a few days later my left ear. I could not breathe at all while laying down during the worst of this illness. It lasted about 2- 2 1/2 weeks. After this initial time all the major symptoms were gone but the liquid in my chest and wheezing and slight cough stayed up until mid june when i went to a doctor and he told me to take a medication and if the symptoms did not clear up after two weeks i should get a chest x-ray. but i could not afford the medication at the time so i never got to it and maybe 1-2 months ago the symptoms went away. I still have the occasional cough and liquid build up. I do not know if the stomach thing is at all related to the chest infection or whatever it was.Also I have been feeling extremely tired over the past 1-2 months. I have always had insomnia so my sleeping patterns are out of whack in general but i noticed no matter how much sleep i was getting. but over the past i'd say 3 1/5 months I have been living in a really small living space and got almost 0 physical activity whatsoever! So i kind of associated the fatigue with that. I should also mention that my bloated stomach started happening after a night of extreme drinking I drank well over half a bottle of 47.5% alcohol along with at least 6 shots of various rums and whiskeys. This was almost 3 weeks ago, the stomach bloating started around this time i can not remember if it was right after or not though. I am planning on going to the ER Eventually to get this all examed i would just like an opinion first, because every time I go with something like this to the ER I get turned away saying it's a simple infection etc. I almost died a few years ago due goin to the ER two times but getting told there is nothing wrong with me, within two weeks my appendix ruptured and i was rushed into emergeny surgery on Christmas eve. So I want to know if it is worth pushing and forcing my doctors to examine me in every way possible, or if i should just leave it at their original diagnoses even if they say something like there's nothing wrong.