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Can I take somas with xanax? the Dr. prescribed them to me?

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Factfinder411 1 Aug 2013

I won't take them together. It's a weird combo because my doctor won't prescribe me both of these. I would take the soma then maybe a couple hours later take the Xanax.

bearlover35 1 Aug 2013

Thanks I did take them,my Dr. prescribed both of them to me with a 30 milligram Roxie codone...

Factfinder411 2 Aug 2013

I live in Jersey so they are lot stricter with med combos and plus your taking oxycodone. These three are are all downers that's why they shouldn't all be taken at the same time. My doctor put me on soma in place of Xanax when I was on percs and only put me on Xanax if I switched to tramadol. Soma I barely see anyone prescribed it because the abuse rate is so high.

Inactive 1 Aug 2013

Not a good idea to take together. Chemical changes occur when meds are mixed and you may not get the results you need, or some could be increased to a dangerous level. Even if prescribed by same doc, I am sure their intention was to help with your problem. Please don't make yourself sick by mixing meds. Take Care...

Tx shee 6 Jul 2017

Totally agree with you can be dangerous than they can imagine

amy_carver7904 2 Aug 2013

I take the the same but I take my xanax first then I wait about an hour and 15minutes then take my soma. I hope that helps you

Anniebananie12 2 Aug 2013

I take both Xanax and Soma, as well as an opiate pain killer. I don't take the Xanax and Soma at the same time, because it would knock me out! That is unless I'm going to bed, in which case it helps me to sleep.
Hope this helps!

xannyman 30 Jan 2017

I take 2mg xan, bout 5 of em, and just got my soma refilled and took 7. it's a good high. a Lotta ppl don't know that soma has a "benzo" property compounded in it. thats why soma and xan and if ur lucky, bout 3-5 30mg roxeez... best combo to get faded.

xannyman 30 Jan 2017

take all 3 of them together, I'm on it now and boom it's amazing

BuzzVixen 8 Jan 2017

I was wondering about this combo too. Took 4 mg xanax at 3:30 and now I'm taking a 350 soma. What do u all think? free discount card

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