She went into ICU in February and the doctors told her then she better stop or she is gonna die. Because she also had pancreatitis but she has continued to drink heavily every day since getting out of hospital. Drinks at least 3 handles of Vodka a weekend. Couldn't tell you how much total during the week but I have been noticing her vomiting sometimes in a.m. and she's hiding her drinking from my whole family... and even my poor brother. She comes up with every excuse as to why she has to use my brother s money. Now that she finally got a job. She makes a drink.. every a.m. before she goes in a 7/11 cup filled with vodka. She leaves and goes to the "store" every morning at 7 sometimes 6:30. I am the only one that witnesses this and has been monitoring her daily moves because she is tearing up my family and lies, steals, and now she has people convinced that she has stopped drinking, but she hasn't. When is the madness gonna stop? She's driving every one crazy.