I tried pantoprazole a while ago for long term acid reflux. Kind of gave up after 5 days as I found I had a dry throat, much like a heavy cold. Now, that wouldn't normally be a concern, it's just I work as a singer and I didn't have time to ride out the side effects. I appear to be quite allergic to omeprazole, so I can never take it for more than a few days without serious problems, and famotidine just isn't effective for me.

My question is, does anyone else have this side effect with pantoprazole, and does it ease off if you take it for 7 days - 2 weeks? I'm trying it again at the normal dose of 40mg (i tried 20mg last time). I'm on day one, not expecting immediate results. Acid reflux is, as we all know, horrific, so I'm quite prepared to suffer for a bit as I have a few days off. I have changed diet and quit smoking a year ago, but I've been really ill for 3 years and in that time I've packed on a lot of weight. I think the problem is a Hiatal Hernia, but my doctor is obsessed with me having Bi-Polar and it makes it really difficult to get them away from 'it must be anxiety'. I'm not a guy that struggles to follow medication routines and medical advice, my previous GP understood that... and I know it's difficult for a GP to not understand how unpleasant something is and work around what they can see from medical history. Not being able to get a diagnosis I have to work with what the symptoms are, and I know blood tests are clear for cancer... I don't think I'm dying, but that's not solving the problem.

I'm trying to find something that stops me from being bed ridden for several weeks at a time, this might not be it. The reflux is always straight back after 2-3 days after stopping tablets, natural solutions are not really an option