Ive had depression for about 2 years now, the worst part it seems is definitely over for me now after the past year, I was given sertraline as an anti depressant and was on it for almost the whole of the two years, it has definitely lifted the depression but I felt like I never really went back to feeling myself, I felt almost 'numb' from my emotions but able to cope with my emotions.

Anyway, a month ago I decided to try a different medication- Prozac, recommended by my GP, I slowly came off sertraline and eventually started on the Prozac, Ive been taking it for almost a week now, it's weird but I had a night of heavy drinking, was sick, and hungover the next day, but ever since, my stomach has been tender and uncomfortable and more off puttingly I have had this over whelming feeling of tiredness, for the first few days I put it down to still recovering from the weekend, but now after several nights of good sleep I wake and cannot shake the tiredness still, the only thing I can think of is it's the Prozac taking a side effect or a symptom of depression which has come back after lowering my dosages of anti depressants. Either way, I'm looking for advice, should I wait and see if the tiredness goes away, or should I again try a different medication?

All replies and advice will be appreciated thank you.