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What is the shelf life of keflex 500 mg cap?


Inactive 3 Jan 2013

There was a very big study done recently by the military about the shelf life of medications. Although the pharmaceutical companies are required to put a "shelf life" date on each medication, when the pharmacy fills it, they only put a year for the expiration. This accomplishes two things. Both are the pocketbooks of each the pharmaceuticals and the drug stores. If the medication has not been reconstituted, and has been kept in the correct temperature, the medications can last upwards of 10 years, or more. The study only lasted 10 years, and the only effects that they found on a few meds were that they were a little bit less effective. So if the Keflex is not a liquid, but a pill or capsule, I wouldn't worry about how old it is provided that you keep it in a dark cool place. i.e., not your bathroom medicine cabinet.

One more very important point!! If you are saving the remainder of a prescription of Keflex, because you got better, you are not doing yourself any favors. The weaker bacteria dies off first, leaving the stronger bacteria to proliferate. You are asking for superbugs every time you don't finish an antibiotic prescription that was prescribed. Always finish off the antibiotics, even if you feel better!

Best wishes in the new year.

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butterflylynn 3 Jan 2013

I would call your pharmacy & ask them & they should be able to tell you.

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