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Are there any sexual side effects while taking tramedol?

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soldiermp 1 Aug 2019

I have taken Tramadol for 4 years, typically 100mg per day or two (2) 50mg tablets daily. I am a male and have suffered low libido issues for the last couple of years. Initially, I thought it was perhaps due to the Tramadol. I went to my Primary Care Doctor and asked that blood tests be done to check by Testosterone levels (just in case). My testosterone level was 474. I then went to a testosterone replacement doctor.The Testosterone doctor took some blood tests and told me that my T-Levels were the cause of my low libido.I began taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which consisted of a weekly injections. Within 2 months ( 8 injections ), my libido soared. I blamed my lack of libido initially on the Tramadol, however, I learned it wasn't the Tramadol that was causing my low libido, it was low Testosterone. If you have low libido and you are a male, check out your Testosterone levels. Most doctors will tell you that as long as your T-Levels are over 300, you are good. That is true for overall health, however, not for a great libido.

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Delila 4 Jan 2015

Hi anna, i took Tramadol for several years in the past and i didn't suffer with lack of libido. From reading posts on here it seems as though this is more common in males than females?

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chuck1957 3 Jan 2015

inability to have or keep an erection,lack of desire in woman so it does list problems with sexual side effects you might talk to the doctor sometimes there is something else they can give you to ofset this..good luck

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Elterry 3 Jan 2015

I've been on Tramadol for manny many years. no question, libido becomes less and less the longer your take them, until it's on the floor. I've looked into the side effects, and this is not uncommon.

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SHEsevEN4 1 Jan 2015

I checked out the side effects I did not see that listed, but everyone is react different to tramadol.

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Stephen Treloar 31 Dec 2014

Loss of libido is pretty common with opioid painkillers. As an example, I take Fentanyl and can't get an erection (complete failure, but probably more embarrassing for men than women).

I hope you find your answer.

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