I have been taking sertraline (Zoloft) for 8 weeks now and would love some advice from anyone who has taken sertraline for a long period and has seen positive effects!

I started on 25mg for 1 week, upped to 50mg for another 3 weeks, and my doctor then suggested that I up my dosage to 100mg as I was not feeling the effects as I would have hoped 4 weeks into my prescription. I have now taken 100mg for 2 weeks and feel worse!

I now feel like my anxiety has gotten a little more intense when I'm at rest, like I need to have a deep breath or breath all the way out to feel some relief from it, it almost feels like a ball in my throat that never goes away!

I have good moments every now and then but pretty much every day is bad.

What do you guys suggest? should I speak to my doctor about upping my dosage to 150mg? should I stick with 100mg? Drop back down to 50mg?

Apart from the worsening anxiety over the last week or so my side effects are still very limited so feel like I could up the dosage if needed if it would help!

Any advice/personal experiences would be appreciated :-)