Was on Zoloft for 15yrs for depression... 150 mg... In May of this yr i started slipping along with anxiety and bad ruminating thoughts... Thats when the downword spiral started... Switched to Cymbalta... Bad side effects... Lightheaded/Dizzy/Restless/Ears ringing... No sleep... Then Lexapro and Risperdal... Things got worse.
Then Seroquel 25 mg in morning and 25mg in afternoon and 100 mg in evening along with Trazodone for sleep... I was nothing but a nervous zombie so i switched doctors and started counseling.
We decided to go back on Zoloft as nothing made me even close to as good as Zoloft did even though it had started slipping in May.
Fast forward to Oct 14th... 50mg of Zoloft... In a week 100mg and now 150mg (3rd week) which is 50Mg more than when i stopped taking it in may.
Doc also added 50mg of Lamotrigine a week and a half ago along with .05mg of ativan 3 times a day for severe anxiety... I am getting by with taking one per day but still have to take it once a day as i wake up with anxiety.
I am also taking a half of a Triazolam which helps for sleep.
3 weeks in and i have never felt so bad... I cry and when i am not crying i feel like im just here but not really here... Tired all the time... emotionless and my last 3 weeks have been just surviving at work and getting home so i can get some sleep for a little bit of peace.
Been writing in a journal... exercising like they told me and sleeping in the dark quiet basement... same time every night... Nothing is changing and do not remember struggling this much the first time around.
How long before i give up on zoloft and throw in the towel and switch meds?
I am terrified of starting the process all over on some other unknown.
Thanks guys/gals