So about 7 months ago I had a bit of a breakdown, work was very stressful, bought a house... everything just got on top of me completely. I took time off work I was on the sick for 4 months. I couldn’t eat I couldn’t get out of bed I was just so depressed and anxious all of the time, I spoke to my doctor and he started me on 50mg of sertraline (Zoloft), the first 3/4 weeks were really horrific I had awful side effects but my doctor told me to keep pushing through so I stayed on them - there was many times I thought about stopping taking them because I felt worse than before. I started to feel better around a month after taking them - less anxiety and just happier in general. About 3 weeks later I felt myself going back to being the old me, depressed, anxious, sad over everything. I spoke to my doctor again and he told me to do CBT therapy and he also upped my meds to 75mg. I started to feel much better because I finally had someone to talk to that I felt like understood me and I started to feel more like me again. Fast forward 3 weeks and I start to feel more and more crap and depressed AGAIN - it’s like every time I start to feel better a few weeks later I feel the depression and anxiety creeping back up on me. So I rang my dr and he suggested 100mg - I was feeling quite positive about this as id read a lot online about people really getting along with that dose. Started to feel much better then another couple of weeks pass and I feel crap again. I rang my doctor because I’m just exhausted emotionally and mentally, I’ve been trying to make this medication work for me for 7/8 months and it seems to work then all of a sudden I’m back where I used to be. I rang my dr to try and see what they think is best for me, he told me to download an app - I stressed to him that I’m not ok and I’m really struggling and he just told me to meditate - ive tried all these things before and they don’t seem to help me. I suggested changing meds or do I need more and he just suggested I download on app and try that - Please somebody help or give me some advice I feel like this medication isn’t working for me :( has anyone else experienced this? Any comments will greatly be appreciated.