As we know there are many drugs for same problem. So how we select any medicine from all medicines which SUITS THE PATIENT MOST.
For example, my mother is having hypertension problem, so she takes metoprolol but sometimes BP increases abruptly, then other medicines are started like telmisartan after consulting doctor. So how can I find which drug suits my mother most, like cardioselective beta blocker(metoprolol) or Angiotension Receptor Blockers (telmisartan) or Calcium Channel Blockers (amlodipine) or any vasodilator or diuretics.
Similarly for her diabetes, which one suits her, metformin or glimepiride or which one among the gliptins( vildagliptin or tinagliptin or linagliptin or sitagliptin).
Our doctor is not able to find out. Please help us or give any suggestions.
Thank you