I have one question. I had depression last year and I used sertraline 50 mg, the first 4 days half and then 50 mg. The first three weeks were terrible, I was feeling even worse emotionally. But after exactly 3 weeks it did wonders for me and after three months I was ready to slowly guilt the med. unfortunately without asking to my doctor (he said use at least 6-7 months). I was fine for the last 6 months, then something similar happened and I am back to square one, even worse depression. I went to doctor 6 days ago, this time he prescribed me 25 mg Zoloft. The first 4 days half and then full tablet. Yesterday night I took full 25 mg, it was my fifth day. THe first 4 days was okay, but today I feel more depressed. From my experience I know that I have to stick and I will of course this time. But expecting less side effects (I don’t care about nausea or headache, I have sleep problems and more depressed). Can you help me with my question? Is side effects will be less this time? Or is it the same? For a month I will use 25mg, after that the doctor will increase the dose I guess. Does every dose change will give me the same side effects? Shouldn’t I have less side effects?