I was on TUINAL for many years but both Lilly and Flynn,mwho made it, have ceased production. Seconal sodium and Sodium Amytal are the two ingredients in equal quantity but are not in the BNF any longer so I can not get them here any more on the NHS - can anyone please tell me where I can get prescribed enough of each in order to have enough stock to make a supply of my OWN Tuinal which may last me three months? I am finding I have to take (for the past two years now) a 30mg SEDABARB phenobarbital every now and then to stop the continuing withdrawal symptoms which are dreadful. Also the alternative sleep aids I have been given are virtually useless, with the exceptions of MIDAZOLAM and CHLORAL HYDRATE. However my chronic insomnia simply can't do without my Tuinal, which I had used since 1976.
Help, please,msomebody!
I heard that the two were easy to find in Bulgaria but can not find out for certain. My pharmacy in Belgium used to sell me 100 Seconal at a time in sealed plastic tubs which cost only €6.99. So it isn't exactly an expensive medication. MIDAZOLAM costs a fortune by comparison. I tried 3mg flunitrazepam (1 each 1 and 2mg tabs) but though they helped sleep, they made me feel mentally numb in the morning and I was good for nothing till after lunchtime.
Gotta get back to that 100mg/100mg mixture of seco- and amo-barbital sodium which was perfect in all ways with no morning after effect and guaranteed 8-9 hour sleep on the 5 days weekly I used it for thirty years!