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Sertraline - I was prescribed Zoloft today, 10mg, by my ob/gyn due to having a difficult time with?

Posted 23 Jul 2013 3 answers

... depression during my pregnancy. I am 10 weeks along and am afraid of the risks. I know there are risks during the 3rd trimester but has... read more

Weaning off of Sertraline (aka Zoloft)?

Posted 7 Feb 2013 4 answers

Hi everyone. I am new to the forums and have a very important question. I am planning to wean off of my SSRI, Sertraline (generic of... read more

Sertraline - Been on Zoloft 25mg for 4 days?

Posted 26 May 2016 1 answer

Been having real bad nights can't sleep at all keep waking up feeling so anxious. I feel like my heart beats fast also, is this normal?... read more

Sertraline (Zoloft) 25 mg what to expect?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 4 answers

My doctor prescribed me sertraline 25 mg for my depression. I was just wondering if it will do anything and what all should i expect.

Will Zoloft / sertraline horrific drowsiness ever go away?

Posted 19 May 2019 1 answer

I've been on this drug 50mg for 2 and a half weeks now. I recently switched back to taking at night, but the extreme horrible drowsiness is... read more

Zoloft - Does Sertraline (50mg) actually work?

Posted 3 Mar 2019 3 answers

I've just been diagnosed with mild depression and high anxiety. In general, I have off days and some good days. During my off days I feel... read more

Is sertraline the same as Zoloft, basically?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 3 answers

Is it prescribed for, besides depression, panic disorder?

I take Wellbutrin xl 300mg and Sertraline HCL 50mg (genric for ZOLOFT) r these good 4 ur mood?

Posted 18 Nov 2014 6 answers

Im wondering what the side effects are and if they will help me with depression.

Hi, Can I take Zoloft (Sertraline) in divided dose for example after breakfast and lunch?

Posted 20 Jan 2012 2 answers

I am also on Ritalin 30 mg/day (20 mg morning and 10 mg afternoon) and Lorazepam 2 mg at 9:00 p.m. Thank you.

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