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Can Apo-Sertraline (Zoloft) capsules be opened and dissolved in water. ?


Sidekick55 28 Dec 2017

I looked it up and it says not to break open or chew the tablet which usually means the chemical is bad news for your mouth and esophagus. I take Strattera and it says the same thing and tried this one and burned like crazy

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Willdebs 28 Dec 2017

Ok thank you, I assume then it's not a time release capsule it just tastes really bad.

Sidekick55 28 Dec 2017

Are you specifically prescribed the apo form? Because if not you could ask your pharmacy about getting the tablet variety instead.

Willdebs 28 Dec 2017

My 16 year son is about to start taking this medication, he has autism and has an issue with swallowing pills or capsules.

Sidekick55 28 Dec 2017

They make a liquid form of Zoloft. I saw it when I was looking up your answer! Not sure about taste though!

Willdebs 28 Dec 2017

Yes thank you I just had a look, hopefully this is available in Canada.

Myloune 13 Sep 2018

Hi, did you find the liquid form in Canada? I am in Quebec and I can't find it. ☹️ free discount card

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