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I'm taking Zoloft for panic attacks but it's not helping. What do you suggest?

Panic attack, anxiety & depression. Nothing seems to help. Got no one but my therapist and psychiatrist to talk about it. No... read more

Anxiety - taking xanax everyday?

i just started with generic zoloft for anxiety/panic. and the dr gave me .5 xanax to take as needed. i have... read more

Anxiety - Generic Zoloft helping anxiety but making me jittery, will this get better?

... I started generic Zoloft 12 mg, tomorrow will be 3 weeks. The past week and a half I have been? taking 25 mg. I can tell a big... read more

Sertraline - Worried about taking Zoloft after years on Xanax?

I have suffered from anxiety and panic for over 25 years. I have tried pretty much everything here and there but have relied on... read more

Zoloft initially raise anxiety, then anxiety subside?

Anyone that has a panic disorder/major depressive disorder/OCD... begin Zoloft only to have the... read more

I wanna know zoloft is better or xanax for anxiety and panic disorder,also buspirone is helpfull?

I'm taking zoloft together buspirone and risperidone for my anxiety about 3monthes but i feel its nt working any more,I... read more

What is the best generic alternative to Xanax?

I was on Alprozalam from"98"-"04",but the pharmacy stopped carrying the brand(Roache),and the new generic they had was... read more

Anxiety attack - do I need a higher dose of Xanax?

I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder My dr prescribed me Xanax the generic brand 0.25 mg but... read more

Looking for valium experiances... twice weekly users?

Today im going to the doc and requesting valium while i transition into new antidepressants. i was wondering if anyone who has used valium (or... read more

Zoloft - Will it mess me up?

I have PSTD, OCD, social anxiety, panic disorder and depression and I'm scared it will mess me up.

I took 12.5mg zoloft for panic and social anxiety. I quit after 2 days due to dizziness and?

... increased anxiety. I have a hard time with meds. Should I give it another shot? Does it help panic and... read more

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