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I am on APO-tramadol (tramadol hydroch) 50mg twice a day?

Posted 18 Sep 2017 1 answer

This is my first time on medication such as this before. I will have surgery soon to remove a brain tumour and the pain relief is for ...

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Tramadol 50 mg tablet: is there any asprin or ibuprophen in this medication?

Posted 27 Apr 2015 3 answers

I have sever allergies to asprin and ibuprophen. I had back surgery l5s1 disc ectopy (sp? ) and still have much pain in lower back. Looking for a ...

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Tramadol - I have been taking this terrible medication for over 3 years now. I decided to quit cold?

Posted 10 Nov 2011 7 answers

... turkey b.c I want off them for good, and also Im sick of running out of them. I take a total of 18 pills per day (give or take a few) I want off ...

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Has tramadol ever caused sleepless nights while trying to stop taking the medication?

Posted 22 Jun 2011 4 answers

Has tramadol ever caused sleepless nights or make your skin feel likes its crawling while trying to sleep, While trying to quit taking the ...

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I'm having alot of pain cuz of a foot injury. I'm on Tramadol 50mg, take 1 tab. every 6 hrs. Still?

Posted 20 Sep 2013 4 answers

... in pain mostly at night. So my PCP gave me a script for Topical Pain Medication Cream. To use it 4/daily. Has anyone every heard of it or ...

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Tramadol 50 mg what Teir is this type of medication?

Posted 12 Sep 2013 5 answers

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What medication can you take to help with withdrawal from tramadol?

Posted 1 Nov 2018 4 answers

I go into a severe depressed state when I try to reduce my dose and I am unable to concentrate and have severe headaches and anxiety!!

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Medication - Celebrex and Tramadol, CYP2D6. Since tramadol is metabolized by CYP2D6, and?

Posted 8 Mar 2012 1 answer

... celecoxib is known to decrease CYP2D6 activity, if taken together, then wouldn't tramadol be metabolized slower, creating a possible ...

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Tramadol.. was wondering what this drug was all about?

Posted 13 Jan 2012 9 answers

I was put on tramadol 50mgs (with no acetaminophen) for my migraines. I was told this was a non narcotic medication and non addictive ...

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