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Has anyone had memory loss and feelings of anger from taking tramadol?

Posted 14 Oct 2015 8 answers

I was prescribed 50 milligrams of tramadol a day. I have been taking this for about 3 years now. My memory is really bad. Sometimes I... read more

Can Tramadol cause feelings of anger?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 3 answers

I have only been on Tramadol for a week now and today I experienced a sense of anger all day long. I am becoming very defensive and... read more

Can withdrawing from tramadol cause anger/irritability?

Posted 20 Dec 2018 1 answer

I am in the process of tapering odd of tramadol by 25 mg per week. I have noticed that I am extremely angry and irritable most of the time! I... read more

Tramadol side affects, can it cause memory loss?

Posted 15 Sep 2010 1 answer

after a overdose of tramadol i have no memoery of the over dose is that normal

Does trazodone cause memory loss at night?

Posted 22 Nov 2016 3 answers

I'm prescribed 100-200 MG trazodone every night. I've only been taking it for a few months and I don't always take it but usually take... read more

Question regarding memory impairment and clonazepam?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 1 answer

Hello Everyone, I was prescribed 0.5 mg clonazepam about two years ago. I originally took the medicine daily for a couple of months, but then took... read more

Antidepressant cause short term memory problems?

Posted 22 Nov 2014 1 answer

My dad was prescribed antidepressant in February and like a month later his GP prescribed him Namenda then he started having short term memory... read more

Tramadol - side affects from color of Tramadl ApAP37.5?

Posted 19 Jul 2012 3 answers

Has anyone had side effects from color of pills. I believe the TramadlADAP 37.5 has given symtoms of anger and depression and extreme... read more

Memory loss and lack of concentration?

Posted 16 Apr 2018 2 answers

I've been on Viibryd 40 mg for about 4 years. Noticing a lot of short-term memory loss and lack of concentration. If I stop my doctor... read more

Tramadol - I live in GA. I took my paper tramadol prescription from my FL....

Posted 29 Nov 2018 1 answer

... specialist to Wal-Mart to get filled . Wal-Mart would not do it because it was not a local doctor. Because it was a Florida doctor they would not... read more

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