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My second period after Plan B (morning after pill) still hasn’t come ?

Posted 30 Aug 2018 3 answers

During an intimate moment with my partner, the condom broke and since I am not on any birth control and was ovulating during that time we decided to... read more

Period cramps days before..the day period is suppose to arrive the pains stop,no period..pregnancy?

Posted 24 Apr 2013 4 answers

okay well i've been suspecting im pregnant ..but i think its to early to test . well anywho i just wanted to ask a simple question because for... read more

Girlfriend is a day late on period and still hasn't had it?

Posted 24 Apr 2014 1 answer

My girlfriend used to never take her birth control consistently. She would forget for a few days and she would randomly get her period because... read more

Period lasting way longer than usual?

Posted 22 Dec 2014 1 answer

My period is lasting way longer than usual, I started my period on active pills this month after having sex which has never happened... read more

Took morning after pill day before my period and now 7 days later still no period. Pregnant?

Posted 8 Jun 2017 1 answer

We had a condom malfunction on the Sunday morning (early) and didn't get the opportunity to take the pill till the Thursday. I took a pill... read more

I started takn the white pills the day I got my period and its been 8 days and I stil hav my period?

Posted 7 Aug 2012 1 answer

i have a history of irregular period and my doctor put me on microgestin and i have been on it for 8 days now and have been bleeding for 8... read more

I keep getting my period early in the middle of my pack and have my period all the way until the?

Posted 17 Nov 2013 1 answer

end of my sugar pills. I started taking Natazia a week after my last period and after being on it for about three weeks I got my period... read more

5th day of placebo pill and still no period. Can I still skip my period this month?

Posted 31 Mar 2017 1 answer

Okay, I am on Ogestral and have been for a few months. I skipped my period before and had no problems. I am on my 5th day of the sugar pills... read more

Is it normal for Plan B to affect my period cycle for a long period of time?

Posted 29 Nov 2018 1 answer

I've taken it one about 2 years ago, and ever since my cycle has never been the same, very very irregular when it was more consistent before. Is... read more

After sex left 45 days from last period date but still my girlfriend missed she pregnent?

Posted 26 Jun 2014 2 answers

her last date of period was 11 may 2014 still now she dose not get period

Period for months and then no period at all?

Posted 12 Nov 2018 1 answer

I’ve had my implant since June and had a period since then but this month I haven’t had one at all and my app that tracks my... read more

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