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My husband accidentally gave me his mom's methadone instead of my percocet(kidney stones)?

Posted 12 Jul 2012 4 answers

I get random drug screens at work. Do I need to worry? What about how long it stays in the blood? I may have on going blood work from... read more

Percocet - Is there potential for kidney problems being on this drug for infection in the back?

Posted 2 Apr 2012 3 answers

I donated one of my kidneys and the blood work is showing an increase in my creatin levels to 1.8

I am on warfarin therapy and suffering from kidney stone in midcalcaeal region that cause blood in?

Posted 24 Sep 2011 1 answer

... urine should i stop treatment or taking vitamin k. I am taking warfarin because I had thrombus in my right arm in bracheal artery 2 weeks ago.... read more

How long will it take to pass a 5mm kidney stone with flomax?

Posted 20 Feb 2014 8 answers

I have 2 x 5mm kidney stones, one on each side. I was first put on Doxazosin, but that did not pass either of them so my doctor... read more

Nephrolithiasis - What does a Kidney stone look like - appearance and texture?

Posted 5 Aug 2012 1 answer

This is a somewhat gross question, but I have a kidney stone that lead to a kidney infection from the blockage. I've never seen a... read more

I am having wheezing problems since I started taking Percocet four days ago?

Posted 18 Apr 2012 4 answers

Could this be a side effect of the Percocet? My doctor has been checking me out for a possible blood clot in the lungs or heart.... read more

What can one do for kidney stones?

Posted 13 Jun 2012 3 answers

my daughter, age 34, has had over 1000 kidney stones. i know this is unbelievable but the truth.. she has done everything and doctors are... read more

Diabetic Kidney Disease - My doctor is prescribing Ramipril to me to protect my kidney. I do not?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 2 answers

... have high blood pressure and I am not yet a diabetic. I am on the boarder line of becoming a diabetic. Recently I passed out and they... read more

Blood in urine w/taking Losartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide 100mg/12.5 mg?

Posted 27 Jan 2013 1 answer

20 yrs ago in taking a diaretic for high blood pressure it formed kidney stones..I have just been changed from Quinaretic 20-12.5 mg... read more

Kidney stones I was told that I most likely have kidneys stones I'm going to have a CT scan but do?

Posted 30 Nov 2013 4 answers

But do to the holiday I have to wait.A day and a half after seeing my doctor I'm having bleeding bad pain down in the grone and have a... read more

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