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What is good for RLS?

Posted 27 Mar 2016 5 answers

I have taken Gabapentin, Requip, Flexiril,Lyrics,and Elivil. None of these meds work for me. I have a spinal cord... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome - I have severe restless leg syndrome. I am on requip for about a month and?

Posted 1 Dec 2009 23 answers

... no relief. I also take lyrica, amrix and soma for my back (3 herniated disks). One leg will start and then go away and then the other leg starts.... read more

Need help with severe Restless Leg Syndrome!?

Posted 31 Mar 2017 3 answers

I need help with my RLS. Nothing seems to be working. I've had evweythin from Flexeril, to Narcotic Pain Meds, To Noritryptiline... read more

Does requip cause insomnia?

Posted 19 May 2011 2 answers

took lowest dose of requip and slept 0 hrs, no restless legs though

What effect does gabapentin have on insomnia in general?

Posted 11 Dec 2013 5 answers

Many of the reviews here state how effective gabapentin is for Restless Leg Syndrome. My problem is not only RLS, but chronic... read more

Does anyone know the cause of Restless Leg Syndrome?

Posted 1 May 2010 25 answers

I have had Restless Leg Syndrome for years now. I am on Requip and the dosage has to keep going up every 12-18 months. The... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome - What if standing and walking make restless leg worse?

Posted 14 Jan 2015 2 answers

My legs feel like I'm pulling them and tire easily. Standing also makes them hurt more especially if it's a lot and then go to bed.

I was put on gabapentin for a serve absese taking 1800 mg my BP was great have high extremely high..

Posted 10 Feb 2019 1 answer

... blood pressure. Been fighting high BP for yes on 5 different ones just for high BP and I'm getting crazy readings like 230/125 around there... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome - can you take requip with lyrica?

Posted 26 Jun 2010 1 answer

I have been taking requip for rls for several years now, but was just put on lyrica and do not know if I should take both.

I live on SSI and can not afford to pay $400.00 a month for a prescription of Lyrica. Is the?

Posted 17 Oct 2018 4 answers

Gabapentin or Lyrica? I live on SSI and can not afford a cost of $400.00 a month for a prescription of 30 pills. I have taken... read more

I’ve suffered lifelong insomnia. I’ve taken 3mg of lorazepam and 60mg of temazepam for years.

Posted 12 Sep 2018 1 answer

Suddenly my new General Practitioner is concerned, after my previous doctor retired. I’m finally stable. I have no side effects. I simply have... read more

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