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Is weight gain a common side effect of lithium?

Posted 20 Mar 2010 7 answers

I've worked so hard to lose weight.; I fear that when I start taking the lithium I will gain it all back. I've been taking... read more

Are thier any anti depressants that don't cause weight gain?

Posted 23 Mar 2010 8 answers

I've been taking Bupropion for depression (as well as lithium) as it seems like the only drug that does not cause me to... read more

Should I worry about severe drug interactions when taking both Bupropion 300 mg along with lithium?

Posted 20 Mar 2010 3 answers

I've been taking Bupropion HCL XL 300mg every morning for several months. Although this seems to help with some of my issues I still have... read more

Can I get pregenant off of lithium?

Posted 18 Aug 2018 2 answers

my stomach is bigger than normal and I thought that the lithium could be a side effect. I also have gained weight in the... read more

Bupropion - Is 150 XL the lowest dose available & does anyone take it with Prozac?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 4 answers

Today is my first of the XL 150 mg. I've done research, asked some questions as a I didn't know everything to ask. I'm sensitive to... read more

Does lithium and prozac a good combonation for bipolar and shizoaffevtive disorder?

Posted 9 Mar 2011 2 answers

I suffer from Bipolar #1 and Shizoaffective and Panic attacks would Prozac mixed with lithium help me?

Weight gain on zoloft?

Posted 22 Nov 2014 3 answers

I been on zoloft for 2 months 2 weeks still have days of depression and bad thoughts .How long should it take to work ? also weight... read more

Lithium vs Zyprexa overall which one has less side effects for treating biopolar?

Posted 23 Jul 2013 4 answers

history of insomnia and restlessness movement with most meds, daughter has dual diagnosis, IDD/TBI and biopolar with depression. All meds... read more

How common is weight gain when taking lithium?

Posted 18 Sep 2009 3 answers

Seroquel 50 mg + Lithium 450 and gain weight?

Posted 4 Jan 2019 1 answer

Recently I am obsessed with my diet. I started taking lithium and seroquel this week and I'm hardly eating. In your experience, do you... read more

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