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Blurred vision - could this be a side effect of Furosemide or very fast fluid removal?

Posted 27 Sep 2010 3 answers

My son went in the hospital and had fluids pumped into him for dehydration and ended up with fluid retention of 60 pounds. The doctor started... read more

Does ciprofloxacin cause dehydration?

Posted 12 Feb 2017 1 answer

And belly feels bloated can it help heavy legs if cures infection

Furosemide, can it be cut in half without affecting it's potency?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 1 answer

My mom takes Furosemide daily with other medications. To avoid mistakes we prepare her a 7 day pill box. Are we affecting the properties of... read more

What are the side effects of dehydration?

Posted 7 Jan 2019 1 answer

Furosemide - How Much Water Should I drink while taking this Med?

Posted 6 Jun 2016 4 answers

I kept drinking water all day. I kept peeing but the swelling did not go down in Legs. id I drink too much water. I had 80 Oz of water over 5 hours.

Furosemide - I dont have any health issues to be taking this pill. will it hurt me to take one and?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 1 answer

... will it clense my system? will it help flush narcotics out for a drug test

What time of day/night is best to take furosemide?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 2 answers

I have AF of the heart and have a build up of fluid on lungs, I developed swelling in all joints mostly ankles and knees, I was giving... read more

12.5 mg tiny yellow furosemide pet med. Marked 12.5 on top half/240 below, back side scored?

Posted 7 Jan 2016 1 answer

Looking for exact match for my dog. He was on these, vet switched to Salix, it made him deathly ill. Help!

Can furosemide affect my monthly period?

Posted 23 Aug 2010 1 answer

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