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Lyrica and Cymbalta generic?

Posted 8 Jan 2012 4 answers

Just read that both Lyrica nd Cymbalta's patents run out in March 2012 and will be available as generics!! Savella in 2021!!! mindy

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Cymbalta - I'm so mad. I worked down trying to split the capsule. My generic has 6 big pellets . I?

Posted 16 May 2014 3 answers

... stopped at what I thought was 5 mg. I wake up with a horrible dream and I am shivering and shaking and can't talk. This drug got to making ...

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Is the generic Cymbalta work as well as the brand name?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 3 answers

I had trouble with the generic Cymbalta - it gave me hives. I'm not sure where it was made? What is the best version of ...

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I am on the generic brand of cymbalta and have been experiencing diarrhea during the day and night?

Posted 10 Oct 2018 2 answers

I've been on it for 1 month. Will this ease up? I'm pretty miserable! Thanks for your time.

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What is the name of the company that makes cymbalta?

Posted 9 Feb 2015 1 answer

My insurance has told me that they will no longer make cymbalta available or affordable I should say because the generic is available ...

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Does anyone who takes Cymbalta or it's generic do well on it? My doctor wants to switch me from?

Posted 15 Dec 2014 7 answers

... sertraline to this generic (duloxetine). I'd like to know if there is any Good feedback? Thank you

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Generic Cymbalta - Is it available?

Posted 10 Mar 2010 14 answers

Do they now have a generic, I don't have insurance and dont have alot of money'?

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Anyone taking adderall in the day and cymbalta at night?

Posted 16 Jun 2014 3 answers

if so hows this working for you ? I am newly on the Adderall 10mgs X 2 the generic and really want to know more about what to expect

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Anyone feeling a loss of emotions while taking Cymbalta?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 5 answers

Hi All, I've had an increase in anxiety lately, (have a lot on my plate) and was referred to a therapist (talk therapy) and a psychiatrist ...

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Effexor - cymbalta vs generic?

Posted 16 Apr 2014 3 answers

Due to a very bad insurance co. I am now going on the generic cymbalta. I have been on it for 5 weeks and I have been deathly sick. ...

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