I have degenerative disc disease in my C, T & L spine. The lumbar disc degeneration was marked as advanced in my X-ray report. I also have degeneration @ my S1. I have had very mild sciatica before in my left leg. So Ive always compensated with my right leg. About 2 months ago the pain started in my right calf and back thigh muscle. I was splitting & stacking wood a few days before it started. After having severe pain for 2-3 weeks it mostly went away for about 2 weeks. Now its back. And this time around, my right buttock is really burning and my leg gets a burny tingly feeling. My ankle and instep hurt also. It doesnt hurt as bad if Im standing & moving around. But when I lie down or sit and try to staighten my leg, it feels tight like a rubber band. Im diagnosed as hypochondria so of course my first thought was DVT cause I have varicose veins in that leg also. But there is no significant swelling or redness or hotness. Just this aggravating & at times terrible pain from my hip in my buttock to the instep of my foot. As you can imagine, as a hypochondriac, this pain is causing quite a bit of anxiety. I am a 32 year old female. Im overweight (dieting now lost 45 lbs so far) Im active though. Well, these past few weeks not so much with this leg & butt pain. Any one have any suggestions on how to alleviate this? I have no insurance to go to doc for pain medicines or P/T so Im kind of hoping some of yall have advice.