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What is the pain I have? it hurts in middle ear canal down to back jaw bone. hurts to bite down?

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cobo23 14 Oct 2015

Not only does it hurt but my ear in itself is swollen and feels like its trying to close itself off..but that's not the worst jaw is like..$#&!!! ..I usually have 4 to 5 of these a year and I work constantly.. So I usually drink lots of orange juice and take a ibuprofen in the morning before work..eases it but don't knock it out... its due to many things..sinus'..moisture.. Change of seasons.. Its not something anyone wants to get used to but if you are prone to ear mights well..TIP!! Dont use q-tips..each time you do small cotton particles stay in your ear after each use which can cause this as well..

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hollywolly 3 June 2017

Your answer sounded okay till your last sentence. Cotton particles staying in your ear? Surely you're joking!! That's just ridiculous!

henselerica 3 June 2015

I also have this pain but ear was hurting first and then the jaw pain came in. My ear also feels numb and full of something & at times its like a sharp pain in my ear. what can I do?

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meyati 14 Jan 2013

It could be your Eustachian tube that's infected. Sometimes when a person blows their nose-it pushes sinus drain, mucous into the Eustachian tube without having an ear infection. You still need to see a doctor for any of these things. i know when I have tube problems-it goes into my ear and face. We all feel pain differently or use different words to describe this. Also, I kept getting an ear infection-about the 4th time, my doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to visit a dentist. I had an abscessed tooth. That was removed-and my pain went away.

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happybrandee 13 Jan 2013

I had the same kind of symptoms when I had problems with TMJ, so that may be what it is, but I'm not a dentist so you should see your doctor or a dentist to see exactly what is going on with you. Hope you feel better, good luck to you!

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Metstirmarie 13 Jan 2013

Cavity, Cracked Molar… or maybe just a piece of food stuck -- unless you are prone to Ear Infections please disregard. I've had terrible ear/jaw pain biting down at times, I who is not prone to ear infections it has always turned out to be a tooth ailment. Once a tooth has abscessed / or has become infected the pain radiates your middle ear canal down to the back of your jaw bone. Horrible pain..the worst. One time I went to the dentist for this and it was a piece of food stuck !! Other times a fractured tooth which incidentally can happen by eating really really cold and switching to really really hot porcelain goes pop right ? so as does your tooth.. Worse case worn out cavity filing, a new cavity, or a cracked molar. But then I might not even be close… just an idea !

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Lisa01 13 Jan 2013

I would suggest a trip to your Dr to see if you actually do have an ear infection. If not, then an appt with the dentist would be in order. An ear infection can cause pain in your jaw, and a dental problem can cause pain that feels like it's in your ear. In the meantime, taking tylenol or ibuprofen, and applying either a warm, moist compress or ice pack ( whichever makes you feel better) along the back of your jaw line should help.

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endlessPred 13 Jan 2013

Don't exceed twenty minutes on heat or cold. Rest for a while and then apply again. If it starts pounding away, get in to see someone as it is probably an infection.

kaismama 13 Jan 2013

It could be an ear infection or tmj

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