I have had ADHD since I was a kid and never grew out of it. Well I was never allowed to take any meds. as a child. So I dealt with it by doing jobs where I was to busy to notice. Then I got hurt at work and realized I had to go to college to get an education since I could no physically do my job anymore because of a serious back injury. Well i started with other ADHD drugs and then found Vyvanse which works well but doesn't last through the day. So they kept upping the Vyvanse to 70 mg and then a bump of Adderall 10 mg at noon. I need to say during I was also taking pain meds for what became chronic pain after 5 failed back surgeries. Well i refused to increase my pain meds and in fact quit taking them because I'm in pain with them or without. I haven't taken any pain meds for over 3 months now. I really think now I'm taking to much ADHD meds now without taking pain meds. and wanted to know will the government which now regulates the way prescriptions are written let me take only Vyvanse 30 mg twice a day or is there some kind of rule how the meds. are prescribed? Does anyone know true facts. I want to talk to my dr. but I have to have facts in hand because of government regulations.