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Is it safe to take tramadol, 50mg. and trizanidine 4mgs together?

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Morr123 28 Dec 2017

I don't take them together,i take them an hour apart

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botta71 4 Feb 2017

Tinazadine tends to give me a headache but the combo should be safe.

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MzPreaches69 4 Feb 2017

Can u take tramadol 50mg with trizanidine 4mg

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Mackintosh 6 Sep 2014

My pain specialist MD prescribes me Tramadol 50 mg. pills (1-2 every 4-6 hours) along with Tizanidine 2 mg caps. I have taken 4 mg. of Tizanidine after a full day needing the Tramadol with no problems.
When I was first put on the Tizanidine, I wasn't too happy--(mylan generic caps); but then my pharmacy switched brands to Apotex and WOW what relief for me! I am highly sensitive to generic meds, however.
I also think the Tramadol generic from Teva is better than the Amnea generic. One of my docs I've been with over 10 years recommends Teva brand over any of the others as it is made in USA-and I normally do very well with the brand.
Anyway, just thought that might help a bit! Best!!

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Nidialuv 6 Sep 2014

Thank you so much I will diffently have this in mind because I do believe that teva, brand is good

cherries100 9 Jan 2018

Teva is an Israeli Company

cherries100 12 May 2018

It is my understanding that Teva is an Israeli drug manufacturing company. Products made in Israel.

Grangi 11 Sep 2022

TEVA ~IS~ the best manufacturer of Tramadol, but I can’t get my pharmacy to order from them! Any suggestions of pharmacies that DO order from TEVA?

Delila 4 Sep 2014

Hi, combining these medications COULD result in one or more of the following: drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, or impairment in thinking and judgment. But this is only a possibility

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Nidialuv 6 Sep 2014

Thank you so much yes that's how my mom's been feeling, funny thing yesterday when she took the afternoon dose she felt just like that it kinda scare me but then it went away. I'm hoping she's a but better then yesterday because she still has pain, can you tell me how long before the medicine takes effect? Thank you Della God bless you

Delila 15 Sep 2014

Hi, i don't know the exact time periods, but generally both medications get in to your system very quickly, within half an hour or even sooner??? Sorry for the delay in responding, i've been away from home for a while. How is your mum at the moment?

balbanese 4 Sep 2014

Should probably check with you Dr, for some this is not a problem, for others there are negative reactions, what's safe for one can be unpleasant or unsafe for another.

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Nidialuv 4 Sep 2014

Thank you yes my mom's Rumatology dr. Said it was ok I was just a bit more concern because how she felt today when she took her 1st dose. But she tells me now she feels a bit better so I don't know if I should just skip tonite dose :(

balbanese 4 Sep 2014

Well, glad she's feeling better, but the skipping etc. concerns me as does any adjustment we make on our own, have you cleared that option with the Doc?

kaismama 4 Sep 2014

Yes. I've done it fairly often.

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Nidialuv 4 Sep 2014

My mom is 80 yrs old and is on xarelto 20mg takes it nite by 11pm she just took a nap and woke up light headache from the tramadol and trizanidine she feels scare only because she doesn't like to take meds now she's telling me she wo my take the next dose free discount card

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