I take tramadol 50-100mg, 2-3x/day for moderate to severe endometriosis pain (for several years). I'm battling a particularly stubborn bought of insomnia and melatonin/herbal remedies are failing me. I prefer not to take benzodiazepines or Ambien, Soma, or anything of that nature. Have had great success with occasional low dose trazodone for sleep in the past (25-50mg at bedtime). Would not be used daily, just a couple nights per week, the nights before major work events making a decent night's sleep imperative. I have never taken any form of SSRI, but when I plugged in Tramadol and Trazodone, I got a major warning about serotonin syndrome. I'm hoping that refers to taking both drugs concurrently "full time", and that I could safely take a single, low dose of trazodone at bedtime on occasion without risk of serotonin syndrome. Is this accurate?