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Is it safe to take phentermine after a kidney transplant?

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sparkle34 28 Sep 2012

Im takem it now & i've tsken it a few times b4. On the warrnings it dont say anything about not 2. If ur dr. Knew about ur transplant they probably wouldn't of given it 2 u. They really do help b prepared 2 have alot of energy just takem early so u can ho 2 sleep. I lost about 7lbs in 1wk. Just make sure u exercise also. The 1st wk or so u might not even eat. I usually dont the 1st 2wks or so.

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Poppy18 28 Sep 2012

Hi there thanks for your comment, i haven't got the tablets yet just thought I'd do a bit of research before hand, but i do think that my doctor will not give me the tablets I've had a few comments saying there not a good idea but I'm gonna ask him anyway just incase coz i do really want to try them, like yourself a few of my friends have taken them and they have lost lots of weight and I'm just stuck in a rut at the moment as I constantly feel hungry so the tablets would be good if they make you not hungry :)

sparkle34 28 Sep 2012

U also might wanna try the green coffee extract. I've heard lots of good things about it & its all natural. I've seen them at walmart. Good luck 2 u. When i get stuck try uping ur cardio level also if u stick 2 a diet 2 long ur body gets used 2 it so every 7days u need.a cheat day 2 reboot ur metsbolism.

Inactive 27 Sep 2012

Hello Poppy18. No, under no circumstances would I take Phentermine. More so after a transplant. (of any organ) Regards pledge

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kaismama 27 Sep 2012

This is a question for your nephrologist. I don't think phentermine is a safe drug under any circumstances.

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HeadStarter 27 Sep 2012

And, I couldn't agree with you more on that one! THUMBS UP!


Poppy18 28 Sep 2012

Is there any other tablets that are safe for me to take as i constantly feel hungry and I'm putting on more and more weight

kaismama 28 Sep 2012

Unfortunately it requires discipline. I'm still waiting for that pill that makes you lose weight no matter what you eat, but so far it hasnt' shown up.

HeadStarter 28 Sep 2012

Hey poppy - I have written a lot about a program I did and successfully lost 92 lbs and have kept it off for about 4 years now. It was michael thurmonds 6-week body makeover. It has been advertised quite a bit and on numerous infomercials. If I can do this program, which doesn't require buying anything different or more than the food from the grocery store, you can, too. With your medical issues... I see this as a win-win for you. There is no pill that is going to do this for you. I will say with all of the stuff that my body has been through and the various "unsuccessful" weight loss programs, diets, drinks, supplements and doctors, this one will work. Take the bull by the horns and get the program, do the body blueprinting then check out the list of approved food types for your body type. That is the beginning of it and one you don't change through the whole process. At the end of it you are still eating the same types of food.


It is called the 6-week body makeover because it takes 6 weeks to change a habit... not that you will lose all of your weight in 6 weeks. In 6 weeks I had lost about 15 lbs. and I just kept losing until I had lost 92 lbs. I didn't know where I was going to end up either because this program is different. You don't weight things or count carbs or calories. You eat 5-6 times each day so there is no getting hungry on this program. It was the first rational program I did that made sense. It is all about the food you eat for your body type. It was the best $125 I ever spent and I got it from QVC.

Good luck.

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