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Is it safe to take hydroxyzine and tylenol at the same time?

5 Answers

Doodle1957 16 Jan 2020

Yes it is ok

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Puppies3456 5 March 2017

Not sure

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KaitlandMarie 11 Oct 2013

I have taken then at the same time and never died... BUT I'm not a doctor so I can't guarantee anything.

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shelleykay 18 April 2013

You should be okay. As long as you don't take no more than 2000mg of Tylenol a day, any more than that can cause liver damage. If you are taking the Hydroxyzine for a painful rash you can also apply cortisone that should give you some relief

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Somegirl123456 13 Dec 2017

Hi did you apply cortisone cream ... dr told me to use a steroid cream... but I've read the side effects and they made me not want to use it nomore, so now I'm wondering if tylonel or Motrin would help with the discomfort... But I'm also wondering if that steroid cream is really more harmful then helpful... Ive read that it can take a layer off ur skin, ? Idk bout this medication seems to be to many bad side affects, so now I'm just wondering if I should take tylonel along with hydroxyzine kinda like a bendryl but not over counter

Somegirl123456 13 Dec 2017

And what if you take a 500mg tylonel but not long term? .. I meanies it ok if you don't take it for long?

DzooBaby 17 April 2013

It should be ok.

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