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Is it safe to give a two year old benadryl and hylands cough and old?


amynelsonwilson9124 27 Sep 2021

For the person that responded before me the name of the medicine is Baby Hylands mucus and cold relief. To answer the question I was told it is safe to give Benadryl and DAYTIME Hylands mucus and cold relief together. However, I was also told not to give Benadryl and NIGHTTIME Hylands mucus and cold relief at the same time because they both make the child drowsy. So If my child needed cold medicine and allergy medicine I personally would use Benadryl and the DAYTIME Hylands mucus and cold relief take care of both issues at once. Hope this helps

***I am not a medical professional and advise you to speak to your pediatrician before combining any medicines***

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coloresue 8 June 2015

Go here for pediatric dosages of Benadryl according to symptoms and the problem you're treating:

There are multiple products for 'Hyland's cold and cough' but none that say "hyland's cough and cold'. I have to assume you don't have any of the children's products or you wouldn't be asking about the dosage. Here are the directions for Defend/Hyland's cold and cough for a 2 yr. old.:

Children 2 to under 6 years: 5 mL or 1 teaspoon up to 6 times per day (every 4 hours) or as directed by a licensed healthcare professional.

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