I don't have them often, but they started to pop up when I was about 16. The first one was on my vagina. This was very scary to me. I wasn't able to speak to my mother about this because she would have accused me of much worse. I was not sexually active at that time. I asked a friend and they suggested it was a skin tag. After about three years, it fell off on its own. There were others that came up then, mostly on my legs, but still close to that area. I was told that I could put a small round band aid on them, and they would fall off, and they did just that. It seemed that once one would go away, another would come up. Until one day there was a skin tag that came up on my insides of my butt cheeks. One on one side, then another on the other. These would not come off with a band aid, or a string, or another home remedy I tried, that I knew of. When I had my baby, my doctor was kind enough to remove them then. A couple of days later another skin tag developed, this time on my vagina, but more towards the top. This has been there for 8 years now.
Recently, the skin tag has started to swell, as if irritated. I has done this before if i may accidentally nik it with my razor. Something really weird happened, however. It became a lot bigger, and the outer layer of skin started to come off. Freaking out I cleaned it up and put a band-aid on it because it was very tender to the touch due to all of the skin coming off. the next day I took the band aid off to clean it, and the smell was awful. trying to inspect it for any further issues, more skin was coming off except it was not the outer layer it was the actual skin-tag. Thinking it was just dying, I attempted to help it along. I stopped for a second to breathe, when I felt something run down my leg. It was blood, and lots of it. I thought about getting a pair of scissors, since I was unable to feel anything, but for as much blood was there, I was too scared. I applied pressure and did get the bleeding to stop. Since then, I have i have cleaned it and put a bit of neosporin on it, covered it with a band-aid.
With that information, should I have anything to worry about? Does it seem like its trying to fall off? Is there anything I can do to help it along? Does it sound like an actual skin tag or something else? Why does another one develope when one falls off. And lastly, why would they be around just that area of my body?

Sorry this was so long. I have been wanting more information on this for a long time, and have not been able to find anything that is specific my my issue. I have asked questions on this for sometime now, and everyone is always so nice, and a huge help. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it every time.