It began as impetigo and would return after Amoxcillin so Augmentin Duo 3 day course was taken and it went. In its place I have had very bad Folliculitis that constantly grows Staph when swabs are taken. Amoxcillin is the only antibiotic that clears it but then a week later it always returns. I've been on a multitude of other antibiotics which consist of erythromycin, Clarithromycin, Lymecycline, flucloxacillin. None of these have had any effect, in fact they sometimes make it worse. Flucloxacillin was supposed to be sensitive to the staph gown but doesn't help when taken. Decolonisation with hibiscrub, dermol wash and nose ointment ongoing. Isotreninoin is not an option due to my type of job not allowing this medication to be taken. Tretinoin topical used on affected area. Why does Amoxcillin clear my skin but then why does it return? What do I do to finally be free from this staph?