I had to see the opthalmologist last week, with a follow up this week. She said my eyes were as dry as the sahara. I also had a very red face, which in thinking back I've had before. The doc asked if I had lupus, and even took a photo with my cell to show my rheumatologist. As it turned out her assistant has lupus and we talked about symptoms for a bit. She also has sjogrens (spelling?) which my very dry eyes are a part of.

Anyway, I was given 2 types of eye drops and a script for Restasis, told to take flaxseed oil and to come back in two months. That takes care of the eyes. I called my rheum. and requested a script for new bloodwork to test for autoimmune disorder, and also informed them of what the opthal. doc had said about my face. I'm reaching out to anyone that has experience with lupus/autoimmune for some clarity, whilst telling myself NOT to worry over the unknown, and just deal with all my other issues... like setting up a second appt with Shands teaching hospital to evaluate my neck and back for possible/probable surgery... at least on the neck.

Can anyone out there share some info about the lupus rash and other symptoms?