I have had very severe back pain for a couple of years now. At first it was just the top of my back, now its that, my neck, and the middle of my back. I also have a huge bulge right under my neck.

It hurts so bad I can barely do regular things, and can barely sleep. Its making me feel depressed because I have a one year old and she requires so much attention like picking her up (which is sooo painful) bending over, and when I bend over I get stuck sometimes, as well as when I get up in the morning sometimes I cant get out of bed. I feel like I cant take care of my child because of all this.

I haven't had any insurance but now I have Medicaid. The worst part about all of this is that I am only 19 years old, so I am just thinking of when I'm 40...

I think I have these problems because my older brother, mother, and grandmother all have major back problems, and they're more than likely inherited right? They have a few types of disc diseases, and other stuff.

I am planning on going to the doctor soon, but I was just hoping for some advice, and what I should expect from the doctor, especially if someone has/is going through this. Please & thank you everyone.