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What is the medication for migraine with eye pain and neck pain which cause headache?


Judyrae59 6 April 2022

Hello -

I have been taking Amerge (Naratriptan) 2.5 mg as soon as I feel my migraine coming on and within an hour or less it's completely gone. I used to have migraines at least 60% of every month. Now it is rare for me to have them. They were so bad I would have to take 800 mg of Advil, go to bed, lay flat on my back with my eyes covered, close the bedroom door and pray for silence so I could fall asleep.

I've been taking Amerge (Naratripton) 2.5 mg for at least 25 years and it works wonders for me. It's an older drug and many doctors don't want to prescribe it for that reason, however, I tell them it works for me, I know what works and I'm not interested in changing. I was originally given Imitrex only to find out I could not take it. I had some serious side effects and my doctor at that time told me never to take Imitrex again.

I also take 150 mg of Topiramate, 50 mg in the a.m. and 100 in the p.m. This is to help keep the migraines away so I don't get them at all and it works very, very well.

I also have a heart condition which requires me to take verapamil 120 mg ER before bed. This is a high blood pressure medication which is a calcium channel blocker. This too keeps my migraines away. I do not have high blood pressure.

Check with your doctor and see if they would be willing to prescribe the AMERGE (Naratriptan) 2.5 mg and the Topiramate 150 mg daily for starters.

As for the verapamil 120 mg ER calcium channel blocker (high blood pressure medication), that would be something else you could discuss with your doctor if the other medications I mentioned above don't work for you.

Don't let any doctor force you into taking any medication you are uncomfortable taking and BEFORE you take the medication, research it, check the side effects for both the patient and the side effect information they give the doctors. These side effects are not usually listed in the side effects they give the patients.

Also, another great person to ask questions of about any medication is your pharmacist. Many of them are also chemists so they have a better understanding of the medications and their side effects and interactions with any other medications you are taking.

My very best to you.


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HelenaGreco73 5 April 2022

Imitrex is approved for these features of migraine.

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