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What does a sub qu button look like that hospice nurses use to give medicine to hospice patient's?


DzooBaby 19 Aug 2013

It usually has a small needle (may be straight with little colored plastic "wings" or it may be bent to a 90 degree angle or it may be like a little plastic "straw-like" cannula that is left in place after a needle that was inside it was withdrawn after insertion) that goes into the persons subcutaneous fat and it will have a little beige colored rubber injection cap "button" screwed onto the needle so that medication can be given into this button without multiple sticks into the persons skin. It should be changed every three days. These can also be used in a vein for IV medications too. They are usually called a "heparin lock" when they are in IV form. The nurse must instill a heparin solution to keep them from clotting off.

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DzooBaby 19 Aug 2013

Oh, sometimes there might be a little clear tubing between the needle and cap or "button" for ease of administration. free discount card

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