Pulmonary Embolism -- Recurrent Event - Wondering about side effects?My husband had his 1st PE in 2006 after returning from the Solomon Islands (he served 15yrs in the Australian Army). The next one in 2007. And the 3rd in 2008. His warfarin dosage has gone as high as 22mg/day. His doc has never been able to regulate his INR results. They want him to register between 2.0 & 2.4 but that has never happened! I have read everything I can get my hands on about warfarin! But here is my ... hubby had 3 kids b4 he went on warfarin. We have been trying to conceive a child now for a little over 2yrs. I have gone to the doc & been checked out... and all is well w/me! I don't have the heart to mention to hubby that it might b him & it might b the warfarin that is causing it (he has a really hard time dealing w/being on it! Because of the blood clots... he was booted out of the Australian Army after 15yrs). But w/everything I have read, there is no mention of warfarin affecting sperm or sperm count! i was wondering if any of U good people out there might know something or b able to direct me to where I can get some solid info!! Thanks soooo much!!