I started off with a low dose of 10mg propranolol in January. This helped calm my anxiety, heart palpitations and prevented suffering from severe panic attacks. After 4 weeks of taking the 10mg the dosage was increased to 40mg three times a day.
Since taking the 40-120mg, I’ve now started to notice many side effects such as: low heart rate and BP, heart feels weak, tight chest, mild pain/discomfort in left arm, shortness of breath, low moods, mood swings, confusion, negative thoughts, depersonalisation/disassociation, restless/sleepless nights, weak, lightheaded, fatigue, blurry eyes, hair loss.
At first I thought this just sums up my anxiety, however, I’m starting to find this debilitating and don’t have any sense of control. I’ve been reading the side effects of propranolol and I relate to most. I’m extremely worried about my physical feelings relating to my heart and chest!
I’ve avoided getting in touch with my GP since the global pandemic but I can’t carry on like this for much longer.
Should I get in touch with my GP?