I recently had sex on the 15th day of my cycle. He pulled out and then I realized that I may be ovulating soon. I did not check for any ovulation symptoms that day but the next day at about 9 am I noticed creamy cervical fluid and I also noticed my cervix was high and squishy. I decided to check an hour or two later and my discharge went immediately to clear watery discharge. Today, my discharge is watery and I have lots of it. I read though that you should have thick mucus in the first two weeks of pregnancy then the watery is supposed to be after that. My CM is pretty much clear sometimes foggy and I took plan b on day 16. So three questions: Am I just not ovulating yet and getting ready to? Did I ovulate during CD 15, get pregnant and am continuing to have a high soft cervix w/ watery discharge due to early pregnancy symptoms? And question three: So let's say I wasn't ovulating yet and I took plan b during me preparing for it. Will my cervix and cervical fluid continue to prepare until i actually ovulate or is that process supposed to stop and continue later as well??? One more thing I am pretty sure my cervix was low and hard on CD 14 but I wasn't sure. To my understanding (I could be doing everything wrong) I ovulate between the 17th day and the 21st. (Getting this info from temping My temperature usually rises between the 18th day and the 23rd and my breasts would get real sore and plump for lack of a better word)