You might need the calendar out for this one.

My last period started on 08/21/2021 & ended 08/27/2021. On 09/15/2021, I was having sex with a dude who I had known for years when he took the condom without my consent. Obviously I noticed right away but he was inside for a few seconds. He didn't ejaculate. He bought a Take Action & I took it within two hours. Unfortunately I was ovulating. I'm sure I hit peak on 09/18/2021. I know I hit peak bc I thought I started my period, I just felt a gush, looked , it wasn't my period. I wasn't really on birth control hence why I wanted a condom. Well I somewhat was, but I wasn't consistent with the pills, so basically I wasn't saved. On 09/21/21-09/24/2021. I had lower abdominal cramps. 09/27/2021 Nauseous in the morning & some pain in my right ovary then in the right. Then I started getting UTI symptoms. Frequent urination without the pain. Discomfort like in my pelvic area, achy. I took AZO's cranberry pills & within four hours later symptoms were gone. 09/27/2021-09/28 Vivid dreams. I'm mentioning the dates bc symptoms are happening at different times. No bleeding at all. Keep in mind I took pregnancy tests from 09/25/2021(8DPO)-10/2/2021(15DPO) all negative.

It was confusing to me. I know what a UTI feels like, the symptoms were similar but most were missing. I know what I yeast infection feels like, I wasn't itchy. I know what a BV feels like, I had it last year. It wasn't it.

Recently after the incident I had an exam which showed that I was ovulating, & that my uterus was thin due to my birth control, I must of been like 6mm, something around that range.
Another exam that was done to me somewhat flushed out my uterus, according online my egg & sperm could still survive.
I have irregular periods. For the last two months I have started anywhere from the 2-5 of the month until 6th & the second period from 21-25 till the 27th. So from I take from that is that I missed my second period. Could possibly be because of the take action ? Now it's the 10/04/2021 & still no period. I'm just confused bc what was up with the symptoms ? I had never had symptoms so close in range.

What are the chances of pregnancy ?