... it was the first time for both of us, and we did use a condom. ( Before we even had sex, I was experiencing some cramping here and there for days, so I knew it would be my period probably coming soon ) . We had sex for about 2-5 min. We stopped because we were interrupted by someone. Then he went to the bathroom. I asked did be nut and he said no but once I took the condom off there was something clear coming out. ( precum I guess ? ) . But , now that's it's two days passed from that .. I thought I would be on my period by now . I haven't had my period in a while, it skips from time to time. So , is it just my period skipping again or could I be pregnant? I'm no where near ready for something like this .. I'm not on any birth control .. It was just a one time thing .. Someone please give me an answer. I'm scared