I posted this a few weeks ago, but it seems to be needed again. For All You Girls with Birth Control and Pregnancy Questions
1. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
2. You need penetration to get pregnant.
3. Any penetration with a naked penis can make you pregnant, it doesn't matter how long, how far in, or if he ejaculated.
4. You have to wait 7 days before having unprotected sex with new birth control.
5. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
6. If you are on birth control and taking it correctly you are safe all the time. You have less then a 1% chance of pregnancy.
7. You don't need a condom to prevent pregnancy when you're on hormonal birth control, therefore you do NOT need to take plan B or any of those meds, if one breaks.
8. You can't use Plan B or any emergency contraceptive on a regular basis, it isn't meant for birth control, its for emergencies. It isn't as effective as regular birth control and it will mess up your cycle.
9. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
10. If you are on birth control and the dr puts you on an antibiotic you need to use a condom for the time you're on it and a week after it stops.
11. The apps that predict ovulation are only telling average believe it or not, only about 30% of women are average. We don't even ovulate at the same time every month, so using it for birth control is foolish.
12. When you're on the birth control pill, it controls your period, so the apps that track it are useless, don't let them confuse you.
13. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
14. We can't tell you if you're pregnant. We can tell you if there is a chance of it.
15. Emergency contraceptives don't work for sex after you take it.
16. To avoid false negatives, wait until your period is a week late to do a pregnancy test. Do the test first thing in the morning.
17. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
18. If your question is about a birth control pill we need to know what you're on and what week you're in.
19. When you start birth control pills you start with the color that has the most pills.
20. You need to read the directions before you start birth control pills.
21. You can't take your birth control pills any way you want. They come in order for a reason. They are made to work with your cycle, and if you stop them early to get your period, so you won't have it when it would be due, it won't work, all it will do is leave you open to pregnancy because you aren't on the active pill when you should be.
22. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy
23. There is no way to tell you if the emergency contraceptive worked or not.
24. Think before you act. It will avoid you being here begging for help after the fact, because you think you're pregnant.
25. Morning after pills or emergency contraceptives are not magic. They do not end a pregnancy in progress. They do not work if you've already ovulated. And they are less effective then regular birth control.
26. Early signs of pregnancy include lack of a period and nausea. They do not include back pain, stomach pain, headaches, bleeding other then your period. They also do not start immediately after sex.
27. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
28. Misoprostal isn't as safe or effective as you think. It only works 40% of the time, and when it doesn't, it can cause infection and bleeding for you and serious damage to the baby, so you should not take it without a dr taking care of you.
29. You DO NOT ovulate when you're on the pill, so get rid of those apps.
30. The correct term is ejaculated, it is not cum, jizz, or anything else you can think of. Please use it.
31. Hormonal birth control lessens the uterine lining and this can mean a skipped period now and then. If its one don't worry continue the pills, if its 2 in a row let your dr know.
32. You have control of your body. If you want your partner to use protection, which you should, you tell him. Its you that will get pregnant and have to raise a baby, not him.